Alejandro Tamayo

The world can exist or not exist.

But it happens that it exists.

It is quiet magical difficult interesting to experience the world from my own perspective.

It is the only perspective I know.

— although I have seen myself from another person’s eyes

    I will not talk about this experience now.

But I just want to say that the world exists and that it is very incredible to see it,

to touch it, to feel it, to be in it, to take part of it.

My "existing" in the world is happening now and so is the same with whoever else is reading this text, and with everyone else who is not reading this text but who also exists now in the planet.

All the animals that exist,

All the rocks that exist, all the amount of water that exists.

It is very miraculous that we are all existing at the same time.

When I apply the colour orange on a plank of wood I am not doing it because I want to express something about myself. I do it because I am acknowledging the existence of that colour and the existence of that piece of wood.

When I do it I feel that, although I haven’t done much, the two elements that were separate before are now together. That I have put them together.
So they create a fact, a particular history, a micro, a nano-history in the entire history of the universe. The nano history of their encounter, which includes me in that history.

The same happens when I place an object next to another object, inside another object, or on top of another object. Before, the objects were separated, they were not together. When they are together they create a particular situation. This situation can last for only a couple of minutes, or for days, or months. It is like anything else in life.

7/18/17 4:31 PM