Alejandro Tamayo


Oct 16 – Nov 28, 2020.
Centre[3] for artistic and social practice, Hamilton, ON.
Organized by Sally Frater and Sahra Soudi

Album was composed by nine tracks that responded to the physical space of Centre3. Each track had a correspondent score and the public was invited to activate the work when visiting the exhibition.

As an alternative to the covid-19 restrictions that limited gallery hours and the number of people present, the exhibition was photographed daily and the images were uploaded every week to Centre3’s website, creating a parallel exhibition online that was responding to the changes in the gallery.

You can see the online documentation by clicking here and all the scores here.

A review of the show was written by Nisha Gill for The Silhouette and can be read here.

All photos by Kat Williams.

With support from the Ontario Arts Council