Alejandro Tamayo

Drawing is a connection with time.
You make a drawing, which was not there before, and suddenly it is there.
Even if you made it very, very fast.

Tags: drawing, thinking, time

Feb. 24, 2018


When I make a drawing something that was before in my head and was only visible to myself goes out into the world and becomes visible not only to myself but to anybody else.

Ideas, wherever they are (either inside my head or somewhere else), are not in time, they exist in a time-less universe, but when I begin to make a drawing they start to appear in the same temporality where my hand and the rest of my body exists.

Once they are outside they can be moved, and they can be placed close to each other in the same space, in the same way that I can move an object from one place to another, so new relations are created.

A drawing is usually the result of an impression that keeps resonating in my mind that is looking for its way to go out into the world again. It is a gradual process towards gaining weight.

August 1, 2017