Reflecting about the notion of the unpredictable in the everyday, this installation was composed by 10g of gunpowder and a prop functioning as a system that detects solar explosions.

 10g of gunpowder, wooden box, antenna and danger sign.
Alejandro Tamayo



Solar event

System that detects solar explosions, gunpowder and wooden frame.

This work articulated the possibility of creating a black mark in a white, rectangular, space as the result of a cosmic event. The mark was to be created by a pile of gunpowder triggered when a solar explosion was detected by a technological apparatus. The theatrical installation was conceived as an interruption in the flux of everyday time by the sudden juxtaposition of cosmic time.

Installed for one week in the corridor outside the studios from the Master in Fine and Visual Arts from the National University in Bogotá. During the exhibition no solar explosion took place.
Developed with the help of engineer Iván Lopez.