Alejandro Tamayo




The Fruit Computer Laboratory

The Fruit Computer Laboratory consists in an open laboratory that investigates the construction of an organic computer whose binary system is made by two different types of fruits. We considered lemons for making the zeros and tangerines for making the ones. Adding drops of lemon increases the acidity while adding drops of tangerine reduces it. As long as there is a diference, an arbitrary binary system can be created.

The lab was set-up in Medialab Prado during the international workshop interactivos? garage science.

Special thanks go to Andreas Puck, Yago Torroja, Johanna Villamil, Kelly Andres, Marc Dusseiller, Andy Gracie,
Marcos García, Laura Fernandez and many others who collaborated in the lab.

The laboratory was set-up for a second time during one week in the Botanical Garden José Celestino Mutis in Bogotá.

More information:
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Photo: Julian Bleecker